Myoreflex Therapy Course

Myoreflex Therapy   –   Launch in South Africa

What’s special?

Myoreflex Therapy is a genuine form of manual therapy beneficent for people suffering from pain, stress and trauma  developed by K. and R. Mosetter from a multiplicity of different knowledge bases and sciences, based on applied research with the experiences & insights of
– the traditional knowledge of old cultures (acupuncture, dietetics,
herbal medicine) as well as
– the results of modern science (physics, biomechanics, statics,
neuroscience) and
– current medical knowledge
It entails Myoreflex Regulation Therapy, Nutrition for Health, Neuro-
stimulating Therapy, herbal medicine, …

Myoreflex Therapy Concept is a concept that has proven very high efficiency for
– high performance people, e.g. global soccer players, artists, leaders
– People with health issues: high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity,
multiple sclerosis, stroke effects, Alzheimer’s
– people after accidents: pains, trauma, rehabilitation, …
– handicapped children: CP, epilepsy, ‘glass bone disease’, spasms, …


Myoreflex Therapy Concept  –  a new approach to Health Development
Presentations and Workshops

A team of Myoreflex therapists from Switzerland, Germany and Denmark will offer presentations and workshops – in exchange with the local cultural healers and in collaboration with the Traditional Leaders of the Eastern Cape.
The Myoreflex team arrives in South Africa on the invitation of the Mnqesha Great Place as part of the Mandela Centenary celebrations and also with the sponsorship and support of Dr Kurt Mosetter, the pioneer of the therapy and key support person to the team.

7 –   8 July Presentation, Demonstrations and  Treatments at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown

10 – 14 JulyTraining in Myoreflex-Therapy
and sharing various healing arts including various African methodologies at Woody Cape.
Learn a pioneer method for pain relief and healing to help your family, community and yourself …
… or get treatment by the Myoreflex specialists yourself.
Participants of the Myoreflex Course will get a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ and can immediately apply the technique.
(To get the international Certificate for Myoreflex Therapy one needs to attend the international courses in Denmark or Norway – 20 days of training plus practice and final exam.)

16 – 18 July – Social Health Programme at the Mnqesha Great Place and surrounding areas, demonstration and application of healing techniques and treatment at alternative health centre.
Traditional healing methods can be exchanged as a part of the
Cultural Heritage Trail celebrations (biking, hiking, …).

The number of participants is limited.
To secure your place at the training or for treatment, please register as soon as possible.
Payments are due as soon as your attendance is confirmed.

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By launching the Myoreflex Therapy Concept in the Eastern Cape July 2018 – the year of the Centenary of Madiba – Team Kurt Mosetter intends to not only honour the struggle of the people, who engage(d) in sustainable empowerment of the people in South Africa and other parts of Africa, but also to enable Africa to walk a pioneer way with Health Development.

Special thanks and recognition go to Rommel Roberts, South Africa, who makes the launch of that pioneer method in South Africa possible by organising all events, including the training at Woody Cape.