An incredible location
So much to do

Welcome to Woody Cape


Here we have a site that is unique in beauty and natural surroundings, 5 minutes walk from the main area you look out on a beach that stretches for miles and is quite possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The dunes cover a large area and the entire dune field around us is some 120 square kilometres it misses being classified as a desert by a very narrow margin. It is home to some ancient bushman middens and much of the vegetation in the dune field has been turned to stone due to being covered and uncovered by the dunes multiple times.

Behind us we are bordered by the rolling green hills of dairy farms and many of the cottages and camping sites enjoy this beautiful view. To complete this jewel nestled in the heart of the sunshine coast we have the pristine indigenous forests of Addo National Park – the Woodycape or Marine Section on the hill behind us with many old yellowood and an amazing variety of birdlife – indeed many of our guests are keen birders some 274 species live in the surrounding area and coastal habitat.